Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Winter is around the corner

I look forward to fall every year because it is the last season before my favourite all time season ever......WINTER! No I am not crazy, I love winter. How the snow builds up on evergreen branches and weighs them down, how the air is so fresh and crisp, the smell of wood burning and the hot heat coming off the slow burning logs as you sip hot chocolate to help thaw out your frozen insides. There is nothing better then winter.

That brings me to a North Carolina winter.......

Let me explain from a Canadians prospective, one who loves winter, one who grew up ice fishing, and snow sledding, snowmobiling, and I even did a little snow boarding.

 Up home snow is second nature to us, the majority of us actually look forward to it. When the weather man calls for snow we celebrate because it is the beginning of Hockey season, the fun outdoor sports we love so much, it means beaver tails purchased from a shack on the side of a frozen canal that we are walking or ice skating on and enjoying the hand carved ice sculptures.We are from the north we embrace the winter and all its beauty!

Living in the south during winter means panic at the first snow reference the weather man makes, run to the store and buy ALL the bread and milk on the shelves, fill up all of our vehicles with gas as well as every gas can we own, school shuts down before the snow starts to fall and at the sight of 1 little snowflake there is a 60 car pile up on the highway!

I have to ask my fellow Canadians......Have you ever had a snow day from school and not had snow???? WE HAVE!!!! at least 3-4 of them per year! Let me go on a tell you now, don't ever run out of milk for the baby when snow might be coming cause straight up your just plain and simple screwed! To top it all off North Carolina doesn't even get enough snow to make a snowman that is just snow and not made half and half. What do I mean by that you ask???? let me put it plain and simple half snow and half leaves....

and to disappoint my fellow Canadians even more.......the closest thing we southerners have to a snow mobile is a lawn mower pulling the lid of a lobster shaped sand box.......

This past week my husband and I have been cutting down trees and splitting wood in preparation for the cold winter nights. It is a lot of work but it is a wonderful time spent together without TV screens and remotes and video games, we have 4 trailer loads done and stacked but nowhere near enough wood to sustain us for the winter.

Its time to fire up the splitter and get back at it, until next time......Jenn

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  1. Well I never, never have I ever thougth I'd see the day you drive around on a lawntractor and pull the kids behind, don't you know they might have got hurt you should have put a helmet on them, you red neck. And you Southerners make fun of us and all the snow we get in Canada. When we get a snow day it is usually after the snow has started and we are having a hard time to collect the kids becasue they are let out of school early. Believe you me, I was there last winter, I know how many snow days there were, and it felt like the school bus unloaded a bus load every day that a snow day was declaired. I sure hope there is nice weather this Winter.

    Good job you have a lot of wood collected already because I like to be warm. Hugs until next time, love your post.