Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall cooking

I love Fall not only because it means winter is coming but also because of the yummy flavors. Summers here are hot, they are unbearable, you don't want to eat because it makes you feel sick. There are days when you can open the door and you go to walk outside and your gasping for air because the heat and humidity is horrible.

Fall means the cooler weather is on the way and with cooler weather you need yummy foods, thick foods, foods that stick to your ribs, as my husband describes it. I plan on doing some cooking this week. I am on vacation and tired from work and I just want to relax and get some meals prepared so that we can just reheat and eat!

I get in a cooking mode every year when the weather gets cooler it is just what I do. I remember one year about 3 years ago I stumbled across a recipe for Wendy's chili. I thought this will be perfect, chili is chocked full of protein and is perfect to eat at work because it wont make you feel tired and draggy.  I doubled the recipe and thought that would be perfect, hubby and I can enjoy chili tonight we will fix the kids something else because what kid wants chili and we will have plenty of left overs for the work week.

I remembering standing at the stove calling after to Brian to come taste the chili, anxiously waiting to see if it really did taste like Wendy's chili. I already had a spoonful cooling so he can taste it upon arrival. It was perfect! We look up and have a bunch of little kids sitting at the table ready for dinner. Needless to say we all had chili that night and I had none left over for the work week. It was then that I learned my lesson. We are feeding an army, so I start cooking like we are!

One of the kids favorite soups is corn chowder. It is so easy to make and it tastes so yummy, I serve it up to them with warm corn bread muffins.

The girls enjoying their soup after school...

The kids are always getting on me for taking "too many pictures" here poor Emily is telling me "they cant even eat without me getting my camera out" day they will all appreciate the photos I took over the years!

A family friend was up in the mountains and brought grand momma and granddaddy (Brian's parents) back some cooking apples. Grand momma shared some of her apples with us and I decided to make the kids a special treat.

Homemade hot applesauce poured over vanilla ice cream......

It was a huge hit!

I wonder what I will be cooking up in my kitchen tomorrow? see you soon.......Jenn

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