Monday, October 27, 2014

Hoarding can be a good thing, if hoarded responsibly!

I never realised the problems that hoarding brings until the TV series Hoarders came out. I am a hoarder but not the TV type of hoarder. I can throw something away if its broken and cant be fixed, I give things away to people who need them or donate things to Goodwill etc.....Hoarding is an addiction. I have an addiction.....

A Hoarding Addiction......

I do get it honestly though, my dads a hoarder, it drives my mom crazy (he has piles of scrap wood and don't get me going on the newspapers he turns into fire logs), funny thing is she is a hoarder too and so is her dad. 

We hoard things because we might need it someday and the minute we throw it away that's when we need it.

My husband is not a hoarder and he goes around throwing things away all the time! He went from a family of 6 to a family of 5 after a divorce to a family of 10 plus a dog. We have been living together since about May of 2011. With 8 kids life is expensive so when I find a deal LOOK OUT! and of course help me unload the car.....

We have warehouse shelving in our house for a pantry, 2 refrigerators and a massive chest freezer....

One closet is designated for bathroom items.....

This is a nook in another closet for paper towels and I have another hideout for toilet paper....

I found these gift bags and packages of tissue paper for 10 cents each....

I even hoard craft items, I will not go through everything I have, but this photo is all just 12x12 scrapbook paper every color and every style in these accordion files......

It is not efficient to have to go to the grocery store, the nearest grocery store is a minimum 30 minutes away, we are out in the boon docks....just us, our dog and our chickens surrounded by trees, and the occasional hunter whose dog wondered up in the yard to say hello.

My husband hates to shop but he is a manager at one of our grocery stores. Since I am so far away doesn't it make sense for him to pick things up? Sure it does.....So I send him a text message with the contents of what to bring home and what coupons to use. The stores have these new fancy coupon machines that spit out coupons when you scan your card or enter your phone number. The store card also gives discounts based on whats on sale that week. So here is the text I sent him:
"Only 1 hour left, I miss you, here is your shopping list:
-week 4 turkey sure to spend $40
-lays chips with coupon 2/$5
-Orville popcorn with coupon 2/$5 x4
-Nilla wafers
-BOGO rice krispies treats x4
-Honey comb cereal
-Cool whip
-Granola Bars
-Pepsi 2 litre

I think that's it if there is nice red seedless grapes get that too"

I was trying to refill the "school snacks section" of the pantry for today....

So hubby comes up the driveway honking the horn, my first impression is "oh hell no" I am not going to carry in 4 measly bags of groceries, besides I am busy doing laundry......IN THE CARPORT!

He backs up and gets out of the car and scratches his head and says "why is the washer out?" I said "oh this washer? The one you wanted me to get rid of cause we had a new washer?" he says "yes" I said "well I am doing laundry cause the new one is broken."

I also have a good stock of Laundry soap, fabric softener....liquid and sheets (They are in the house though)

The drain hose needs to be elevated!

Of course I rubbed in that it's a good thing we kept the old set because with 8 kids we would be up a creek without a paddle in laundry....

This is where the hoarding works out to being a good thing! 

THEN he lifts the hatch on his little Prius and says the store had good coupons..... Believe it or not the trunk on a Prius is huge, don't plan on much backseat space but the trunk space is awesome! 

His trunk was full....I said OMG (I mean I was in shock this man NEVER strays from a list) he said oh whatever, have you ever paid any attention to what you bring home from the store? The coupons were good and the machine kept asking me for my phone number so I kept entering a phone number. I said well it only prints 1 set of coupons per phone number he said yep I know so I used your number, my moms, my dads and on and on. He said you would be proud too I saved $80.......I said "you're a hoarder" and I grabbed handfuls of bags and began lugging them into the house! I of course really have no room to talk......

Until next time.....Jenn

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