Friday, October 10, 2014

A feathered friend

This blog is for my sister. She unveiled a secret to me the other day, one I already known but had forgotten about a long time ago. Let me remind you this sister is the girly girl that married a farmer! She is afraid of birds, yes birds, chickens, doves, turkeys etc.... So here it is Vic, just for you, with all my love.....

We decided we were going to raise chickens. We thought this would be a good thing for the kids, it would be a great learning experience and farm fresh eggs taste so wonderful!

Granddaddy and one of his friends helped to build us a chicken coop. It turned out awesome! We purchased chickens from a local farm and feed store and brought them home.

This is my step son Avery he is one of 3 of our animal lovers, the chicken is "snowball"

You have already met Annie and she is holding "Tiger"

And of course there is Makayla holding "nugget"

We also have "Bob" he is a rooster that one of my friends gave us

Bob will eat out of your hand. Makayla is the most patient when feeding him...

"Sophia" took up living here after the coop was built, we have no idea were she came from and we just found her in the coop one day before we got chickens. She had babies, we caught all 5 of them and put them all in a tote until we could get them a home away from the others.

I found them a new home the next day.

They are so cute, aren't they?

The store bought chickens finally reached the "age of laying" last month and we had farm fresh eggs and a surprise.....

You remember Makayla holding "nugget"? well Nugget is apparently whats called an "Easter Egger" she lays blue eggs! Look out Easter Bunny!

Until next time......Jenn

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  1. Wow Jennifer, makes me want to hurry down and have a look at the easter egger, love the pictures. Yes, Vic seems to get attacked by birds, don't know what that is about but I felt so bad for her when we went away and she had to look after our chickens herself.