Friday, October 3, 2014


Unloading a trailer of wood tonight I have decided I am going to get back into blogging. I am starting a new blog, one I have tried to start for a couple of years now. This is my more positive blog, all about my new life and the wonderful Journey my new husband and I have embarked upon with our combined 8 children.

First of all let me introduce myself, My name is Jenn. I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, I now live in a small town in North Carolina, USA way way far away from civilization....well not too far, that is how I like it! I love creating, sewing, scrapbooking and cooking. My husband loves my cooking......good thing too cause he would probably starve. My wise grandmother told me often the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Thanks to my grandmother who hated to cook but did it anyhow, and did it well, helped me hook the man of my dreams, Brian. Together Brian and I raise eight children, yes 8! All together we have 4 boys and 4 girls, and a border collie named M.J. 

What brought me to North Carolina? My ex husband, but this blog is not about him, remember this is my positive blog! So on that note lets call him "Sunny". Sunny and I got married June 6th 2002. We had 3 beautiful little girls over the course of our marriage. Makayla, Anna-Grace and Emily........bunches more about them later, I mean lets face it, 8 kids what else could I possibly have to talk about?

My parents, Cindy and Guy, moved from Ottawa some time around 2001 all the way East to Prince Edward Island. You can find them at or 2fromaway is their newest blog. They are traveling in their little RV across Canada and one day about 3 months from now they will be here with me. This is their winter get-a-way. They come every winter to see me get driven crazy by our 8 children and they head home so very glad to be retired and have very much grown children that have moved out. It is ok though they are excited to come and they are probably more excited to leave, and they might be excited to go but I know that RV is filled with tears and they quickly miss us.......and I do them until the next winter. 

I remember back in high school I could not stand my parents, I know there were times they could not stand me. My mom and I were a little extreme, ok we were not a little extreme we WERE EXTREME! Now that I am older I understand why! WE ARE JUST A LIKE! We are stubborn, hard headed, we are both leaders, we make the rules, we are the bosses, the pants wearers......WE ARE JUST A LIKE! Our relationship has never been that of what it is now. We get along great with a thousand miles between us and miss each other dearly. I have to thank the lord for making me just like her because if I was not the strong woman she is I have no idea how I would have made it through the end of my marriage and my divorce. 

I have a younger sister, Victoria, who is newly married to a farmer, A FARMER! Nothing wrong with a farmer if your me or my mom or millions of other people. Believe me it shocked the hell out of all of us because my wonderful beautiful full of life sister was also a girly girl. Fancy nails, makeup, designer clothes and shoes, the whole nine yards. Mom used to tell her make sure she marries a doctor or a lawyer because nobody else would ever be able to keep up with her. I am very proud of her. She works hard as a mom, wife, and a farmers wife. The next hardest job in life other then being a farmer is being a farmers wife. She is so special, I wish we were closer so we could be together more often. She has a beautiful little girl named Ana and a newborn named Rory. 

Vicki and I have a younger brother, Matthew. Matt and I have always been close ever since we were kids. We always had each others back and I know that was hurtful to Vicki. Three is a crowd. Now that I am far away they have bonded nicely. I am glad they have each other. Matt has a little girl named Sydney. Matt got engaged to Tabitha, she is a pretty special person and has been a very good influence in my brother's life. He is so lucky to have her!

Until next time........Jenn


  1. Jenn I love you even as far away as y'll are and as crazy as you made me back in Ottawa. Parents will go to the end of the moon for their kids. We are lucky we have a wonderful family, distant but wonderful, hugs

  2. Beautiful write jenn. The 8 kids are what's going to make this blog. Haha reminds me of 19 kids and counting. Never a dull moment.