Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas with an almost 2 year old

As you go through life you forget about things that just didn't matter to you, you even forget about important things which is why a baby book was invented, so that you could always remember important milestones your baby had accomplished.

A baby book does not have a spot designated to the bad things you don't want to remember so you go on with life and you forget that Annie would draw on the walls big BIG circles and tell herself "NO NO NO" as she did it, Tyler wrote on the wall by the door "Tyler wer here" (yes spelled just like that), Makayla climbed on the table to have tea parties, Savannah threw a green, yes a green Hotwheel through a brand new big screen TV, Emily dumps out anything and everything ie....cereal (entire boxes), shampoo (this is still an makes "cool bubble bath"), Avery dumped Hershey's chocolate syrup all over the carpet, Gavin was a streaker! The one thing they all had in common..........
...redecorating the Christmas tree!
 It began like this just a few days ago and it was beautiful!

As I hung our stockings this am via command hooks with care, I looked over the tree smiling. It was then that I began remembering the things our children did and of course the list goes on and on and on and on!

There are a few stories we have filed in our minds for that special day they bring home their first boyfriend or the time that Tyler bungee corded off the top bunk and yells for his dad for help because he is stuck head on the ground ass in the air underwear barely covering his unmentionables and half the waistband ripped off his underpants and attached the the other end of the bungee cord, yelling and hanging upside down! Yes Tyler, I am still telling this story, I told you this one I WON'T EVER FORGET!

There is a huge age gap between the children and Logan, we are talking HUGE:

  • Makayla 12 
  • Tyler 11 
  • Annie 9 
  • Savannah 9
  • Emily 8
  • Avery 8
  • Gavin 7 (right after Christmas)
  • Logan a big whopping 21 months!
So you go through life the way you have for about 4 years now where you didn't have to put things up high, and make sure little plastic thingys are stuck in the receptacles, bathrooms doors are closed because things magically start floating in the toilet, and you decorate the ENTIRE tree because at 3 or 4 years old they start listening when you say no.

We are literally learning all over again, somewhere in our home is yet another lesson for me to learn, until next time......Jenn

Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Minion

Boys can be so weird and I think I can say that will never change as they grow up. Do you remember the movie Despicable Me? There were these little guys on the movie they are Yellow, with the denim overalls they are called Minions......

Cute aren't they?

Yesterday I had a Minion of my own, hubby was looking for something and came across a light that is on a headband and fits on your head, He wore it all day!

Every time one of the kids said something to him he turned the light on and got down to their level.

Last night on the couch Logan finally discovered this weird thing on dads head and began to investigate it and of course wanted it on his own now I have a Minion and a Mini Minion.

The novelty quickly wore off and Logan was ready to give it back so dad puts it back on his own head!

He of course had to readjust the straps.

Logan quickly learned how to turn the light on and off. I love how these things will entertain a boy for hours! Hubby finally took the light off his head at bedtime last night saying he will wear it to work today!

Until next time....Jenn

Saturday, November 22, 2014

This years photo for our card

We made an attempt to capture a good photo for our Christmas card.......lets just say photos are worth a thousand words, no more words required......

I will try again tomorrow.....Jenn

Friday, November 21, 2014

Dinner was awesome!

Dinner was so yummy, hubby and I need to set aside a date night so we can return as he has never had Chili's!

Tyler was entertained with Ziosk (I think that is what it is called) it is a tablet that you can also order drinks and desert on and pay with a credit card. It also has apps and games, kept a techy boy happy while we waited for food.

We ordered and appetizer of Texas cheese fries hold the Jalapenos and green onions please!

Tyler ordered the old timer burger with fries

I ordered one of their newest burgers the southwest something or other burger. They forgot the onions but brought them later! Who wants to miss out on onions!

So juicy and yummy and I will so return to Chili's!

until next time.......Jenn

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Special moments

I am tired and my day is no where near over! I had an 8 am meeting and then went to Walmart because we had only 3 diapers left......still wondering how I managed that???? and I have a dinner date with my step son. He has worked really hard these past few weeks and brought his grades up by 10%-20% per subject and I felt like he deserved a treat. I told him he could choose a parent and a restaurant and he could have a special dinner just for him!

He chose me and Chili's, not for any reason other then he gets to drink a drink out of what looks like a beer pitcher......the things that tickle kids fancies!

I have to make this quick as I am sure he does not want me to take him out in my house clothes but I did want to point out as I drove through town they are already decorated for Christmas....

As you can see the light was red so I was not taking pictures AND driving! I love this little town it is old and quaint and just has a whole lot of history!

Well I must get ready the children will be home soon and Tyler is very excited for his outing......As a matter of fact I am too because eating at Chili's means I am right next to a Joann's fabric and craft store and if I am driving all that way I might as well stop to use this weeks coupon!

Until next time....Jenn

Sunday, November 16, 2014

How MJ squared came about

My parents had a dog named MJ and they brought her here 2 years ago when they came to visit. It was the first time my husband had the chance to meet her and they became best buds! MJ was a very sweet and loyal dog everything anyone could have wanted in a dog, she was a good companion and a best friend. Earlier this year she passed away. It tore my husband up as much as it tore up my parents. I remember getting the news sitting on my back porch and trying so hard not to cry on the phone and be strong for my mom and my husband sitting next to me with tears rolling down his face. It was a sad night for all of us.

MJ senior with the girls

We rescued a dog from the Orange County Animal shelter about a year ago. She was perfect. We struggled with her name because she was MJ through and through, there are differences but so many more similarities. Her name changed 15 times in 3 days and my mom finally just said why don't you call her MJ, it was almost as if this is what my husband was waiting for and it stuck, meet MJ squared....

The name came prior to MJ senior passing, and I worry about my parents. This is the year they lost their precious MJ and they are on their way here scheduled to arrive in December after their long journey across Canada and the United States and what are we going to do about this MJ situation? I remember being on Skype with my mom after MJ passing and I have MJ squared out in the yard to potty and she takes off after a squirrel (MJ seniors favorite chase too) and I don't want to call out her name because my mom is right there on Skype. So I am yelling and hollering "here girl, come here girl" and whistling and clapping my hands to get her attention.

We can't change her name we have been calling her this for a year now and MJ squared is growing more and more like MJ senior. My parents visit here will be full of tears for their beloved MJ, with MJ reminding them of MJ around every corner and I feel so horrible about it.

I type this as MJ squared comes up to me and nudges her nose up under my arm just like MJ senior used to do to get someone's attention.....I have a pooch to love on, until next time......Jenn

Friday, November 14, 2014

Logan Joseph.......from Chaos to Harmony!

I am sure you have read my post "Boys are a different breed" I am really hung up on this. I just can not get over what boys do! I had three beautiful precious innocent little girls before I had my son......nothing in my life prepared me for what was to come!

Logan picks his nose because he gets a reaction......HE PICKS HIS NOSE CAUSE IT GROSSES EVERYONE OUT!
I love this photo....I can't wait for his first girlfriend!

He learned he could push his trucks and trikes up to doors and unlock and open them!

Logan pushed a chair up to the light switch so he can flick the light on and off.....REALLY? Whats the point?

He wraps up in my curtains.....

Sprays powder on the floor.....

He plays in the toilet......
Do you see the red truck he used to stand on and open the door?

Lets not forget about the day he shoved the boys clean clothes down the register vent.....

Yesterday I was trying to pay bills and Logan comes around the corner to my office and laughs and holds both hands up in the air. He is covered with icing!

His sister's 9th birthday was celebrated with cupcakes because "princesses need elegant cakes!"

These were her cupcakes! 

Reminds me of the hand prints poem....

Sometimes you get discouraged
Because I am so small,
And always leave my fingerprints
On furniture and walls.
But every day I’m growing,
I’ll be all grown up someday,
And all these tiny handprints
Will simply fade away.
So here’s a special handprint
Just so you can recall,
Exactly how my fingers looked
When I was very small.

This little man is Chaos by day and Harmony by night....

He was not ready for bed yet, so he hung out in our bed.

All I can say is boys are a different breed, he is so lucky I love him.......Jenn