Sunday, October 5, 2014


My girls are so blessed to go to such a wonderful school. They go to a Charter School in town, its an elementary, middle and high school all on one campus.

A few weeks ago the second graders took a trip to a museum to see a butterfly house. It is a gigantic Butterfly habitat that you can actually walk into and if your quiet enough and still enough a butterfly will land on your finger......the boys never have had this happen because lets face it, they are just a different breed!

This kicked off their studies of various habitats and life cycles. The other day they had a project celebration where parents go to school and kids get to show off what they have learned and the various projects, activities and crafts they have completed.

Here is Emily's make believe butterfly habitat with her make believe species of butterfly......A "Tiger winged butterfly"

She is in 2nd grade this year and I am so very proud of her

Here are some of the things they worked on in this quarter

Until next time......Jenn

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  1. That's some fantastic artwork miss Emily! !! Aunt Vicki would really like a butterfly or a ladybug for my fridge!!! It would make a great Christmas present. Great blog Jenn. I had a min while I was feeding Rory, so I read over the blog