Friday, October 17, 2014

This one is for the ladies

Yesterday my husband had a rough day so it's my job to pick up the slack and make him feel good. You have to be very careful when doing this because you don't want to take away all of ones man cards.

My husbands first wife "Tickled Pink" was sorta lazy and never did any man work, in fact she did very little housework. We both seem to think we have it great, because we are a team, there is no such thing as "his job or her job" in our marriage......

I cook, he does dishes
he washes clothes, I fold them
he cuts the grass, I weed eat
he scrubs the toilets, I clean the shower
he sweeps and vacuums, I dust and remove cobwebs......

and vice versa. It works for us. He also takes pride in bragging to his friends and employees the wonderful food I cook and how I am not afraid to get dirty. I have heard him jokingly say many times "I see a twinkle in my dad's eye when you talk to him, your like the son he never had!" You have to understand, hubby doesn't mind getting down and dirty but his preference is not to get dirty and he has always been this way, he likes computers and reading and all the shows my dad likes. It took some time but I quickly realized I married someone just like my dad, they work hard and get dirty because they have to but they prefer a computer and air conditioning, and they don't mind their women getting a little dirt under their fingernails every now and then! 

I grew up in a family where there was no such thing as a female or a male with designated jobs for each. You were all treated the same and if the car needed an oil change any one of us got called to the job, and yes when it came time to slaughtering the chickens I was there too.

Since I grew up with that kind of equality, there is a lot I know, and yet a lot to learn but fact of the matter is I get by ok on more then just my looks ;0) 

I know how to do most household repairs; blow insulation, shingles, painting, swinging a hammer and laying down flooring, and boy do I love power tools and my husband is not at all afraid to admit the chainsaw runs better when I am using it.

Brian's daddy brought our trailer back yesterday so that meant his belly mower was ready to go back on his tractor. Brian picked up the kids from school, came home got changed and took them to grand momma and grand daddy's for a sleep over and he helped his daddy put the tractor back in working order.  

While he was off enjoying a little father son time I decided I would clean his chainsaw and replace the blade so we are all ready to roll tomorrow. I took some photos for you ladies so you can see step by step how to accomplish this. 

Believe me it's little things like this that make men feel proud, like on Duck Dynasty when Jep was eating the deer his wife killed with a bow and all the brothers were jealous their wives had not done that, and yes I shoot a bull's eye almost every time!

Step 1 loosen the nuts with the special chainsaw tool thingy pictured below

Take the plate off and set aside the nuts where you will be able to find them

Slide the bar back towards the wheel seen here

This will loosen the chain as seen below

Remove the chain

This is a freshly sharpened chain

Scrape out all the chainsaw crud from here and around the bar

My pile of crud

Notice the way the teeth are facing? this is how you put the chain on backwards and yes it matters! So take it off and turn it around and put the chain back on the right way.....

put it back together and tighten it up

I just gave hubby something else to brag about to his friends, plus lets face it ladies we are the best at tedious things.....He is happy he didn't have to do this and we can now get rolling earlier tomorrow.

Until next time....Jenn

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  1. Nice, wish my hubby could understand about a clean chain