Saturday, October 4, 2014

Boys are a different breed

I have had this blog in my mind for a very long time now. I have been anxious to write about it. Fact is Sunny and I had three little girls, precious little princesses.

Let me introdce them to you one by one......

Makayla Lynn is my oldest she is now 12. She is just like me, looks like me, talks like me, and acts like me......yep I am not looking forward to the teenage years I have been cursed by the dreaded "wait until you have kids, they will be 10 times worse then you!" Although she is stubborn and hard headed like me she also comes with many great qualities. She loves animals and at a very young age probably 5 she has known what she wanted out of life. This is huge because most people go to college and figure out later what they want to be and change their majors etc..... Makayla wants to be a veteranian! She would be perfect too. She is a good study, she takes pride in her work, she is an very loving and caring person. Makayla was a picture perfect baby one that would spoil a new mother and set her up for failure with future children, which is what she almost did to me. I remember at one month old she slept through the night, she never took a pacifier, she was bright and very smart, met all of her milestones early, she was so well behaved, and a compassionate and caring little girl, that was and is so full of life.

Next in line is my Anna-Grace. Not much grace about her though she is a tom boy in a pretty dress! She was and is completley opposit Makayla. I think at 9 years old she still doesn't sleep through the night! She is still a sweet and loving little girl. She is going to have a big family for sure. She loves her baby brother dearly and will fight me, his mother, to take care of him. Those 2 are inseparable. Annie is very smart and reminds me so much of my brother. "mom, why do I have to do a whole page of math problems and keep repeating the same thing over and over when I already know how to do it" I remember my brother giving that very same speech to our mother when we were growing up. I am glad she has him in her it helps me to keep him close in my heart. Annie is very determined, where there is a will there is a way......this little girl is going places in life!

Last but not least is sweet, quiet, timid little Emily Elizabeth. She is very shy and loving and aims to please everyone. This is her only fault she will try to please everyone all at once and it is too much for this little girl. She loves everybody and everything. Life is so precious and will never be taken for granted by Emmy. She just turned 8 years old last month and was so excited. This little girl never ever asks for anything, but this year she did. She said "mommy I really really want a robot dog for my birthday if you can't get it for my birthday I can wait until Christmas, I just really want one." She continues "even if it is the only Christmas present you get me because I know it is expensive and you have to get presents for the other kids I just really want this dog!" Here she is with Zoomer, how can you say no to such an unselfish little girl who appreciates everything and never complains and always thinks of everyone else. She actually cried in excitement.

I never experienced boys until Brian and I were comfortable sharring eachother with our children. Brian has 3 boys and 1 girl with his keeping with positive thoughts lets call her "Tickled Pink." Boys are different but I never really realized it until I had one of my own. I mean there was that time that Tyler jumped off the top bunk with a bungee chord attached to his underwear, boys don't look after their belongings, they break everything, they are mean and they hit, kick and punch, they throw a cat in the pool, pull of Barbie legs, arms and even know things like that. All those years we were dating I thought these boy behaviours were because they were from a broken home and Tickled Pink was a little on the wild side herself so that must have rubbed off on them!

NOPE! I was wrong, well I could be know just a little right.....I just cant stand to be totally wrong ;0)

So, here we are a family of Brian, Jenn and 7 kids, 4 girls and 3 boys. Doc tells me we are going to wait for a hystorectomy because I am so young and it is so traumatic and my response was I have not gotten pregnant in 6 years, I have been blessed with 3 beautiful girls, I'm tired of the pain and agony I am ready for this to happen. He said lets meet up in 2 months and that will give you some time to think it over and we will redo some tests and go from there. Soooooooo 2 months down the road guess what????? Yep I am pregnant! This pregnancy brought me a little boy of my own, something I have always wanted but never had and actually thought never would happen since a well educated doctor told me it would not happen. Can't blame the doc though I wouldn't trade my little man for anything.......

Logan Joseph, named after Brian's dad. I was so happy and excited to have a son of my own. The odds were now even, the best thing of all the ALL according to the male species in our house was the sexes were now even.......this was a huge win for them! Seriously, can you imagine being out numbered by girls ALL THE TIME! Let me tell you a little secret, little have the male species in house noticed but the dog is a girl and is a part of the family, so we will continue to dominate! for now we will let them have this win until we need the extra vote!

My precious baby boy is now 20 months old. He is a BOY and this is where I say boys are a different breed. L.J. droppes his chin to his chest and you can see his eyes looking up at you all devious and everything to see if you notice what he is about to do, after a moment he NO LONGER CARES IF YOU SEE HIM DO SOMETHING WRONG.......why......BECAUSE BOYS ARE A DIFFERENT BREED! Today I round the corner to this,

Logan getting up to run cause he knew he was caught.......

This is what I find........

This is what I pulled out of THAT COOL HOLE IN THE FLOOR......

Logan actually pulled their clean underwear and some t-shirts out of the dresser and stuffed ALL of that down the regester vent......and why???? who would think to do something like that???? why would you do something like that????? only a BOY, because boys are a different breed!

until next time.......Jenn

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  1. Oh my gosh, I know now he wasn't doing laundry lol. Oh boys will be boys better nip that in the butt early or he will be hiding other thing in the secret space