Friday, October 17, 2014

First ever, never to be seen again..........

I really feel sorry for my poor husband, he tries so hard and works really hard and things seem to just keep happening! After everything I have been through I kind of just "expect" something to go wrong, so when it does I don't feel so bad and I find myself able to laugh at times.

Yesterday afternoon he picks the kids up from school and drives 45 minutes to get home, one kid is still mad that his brother got an Xbox for his birthday that is apparently better then his own and is still complaining about it a week later......OOPS how was I to know! Other kids are just loud and excited and more loud and more excited, which made for a long trip home.

As he is approaching our driveway he sees that a neighbors dog has gotten into the trash and spread it all the way up road. He sends one of the kids to the door for me to give him 2 trash bags so they can go clean up the road, I hand the bags off a little happy the baby is sleeping so I do not have to do this job as well.

As I walk back to our office to continue my paperwork I hear a bang in the front yard and I look out the window to see this.......

I put on my flip flops and am heading out the door to a very angry husband storming up to me. I look up to him cause lets face it he is jolly green giant tall and I am my mom short! I said "I forgot to tell you, your dad dropped off your trailer this morning" and I walked off to see the damage, leaving him standing there with his hands in the air not knowing what to say.

I reminded him as I took photos that Prius' do not come equipped with a trailer hitch and it was a perfect photo opportunity since nobody would ever again see a trailer on a Prius. I told him to walk on down to the road with the kids and I would figure it out since we already tried to drive away and we were towing the trailer and digging up the yard!

When he returned I told him to get the tractor and we would hook the other end of the trailer to the tractor and we would both drive in different directions. He sent the kids in the house and they were all 4 hanging out the window watching because this was something exciting!

I told him I would buy him a bumper sticker to cover to hole.....He was not impressed!

I really wish it were that easy, you see the tongue of the trailer went all the way through the bumper and the steel bar behind the fiberglass bumper. So it was on the phone with insurance.......The trailer is unharmed and fully functional for wood on Saturday and that is the good news!

Until next time.....Jenn

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  1. So many things going through my head right now.
    You shouldn't tow that on the road like that
    Good job it wasn't a chicken standing behind the car or you'd have a pecker bunker
    A hitch would have been cheaper
    Duct tape won't fix that,
    but all and all I really want to say, we love you and shit happens