Sunday, October 26, 2014

The great outdoors.....well our backyard!

Things are different now. When I was growing up I was constantly going camping, playing outside with my friends, fishing and I even went hunting. I love it when I got to do all of these things. Now one of your children asks if they can have a friend over and you say walk in their room and your child and their friend are playing video games. I am at a loss for my step children and even 3 of my own children because TV, tablets and video games are a babysitter, but I plan on saving our son Logan because both of us can control what he does and make it stick!

The kid loves to be outside, this is a bonus! A great start so to speak. He spent all day outside yesterday and was filthy.......that means he played hard!

Here is Logan and Annie, it is rare one is without the other....

we pulled out the BB guns to target practice....This is Avery he is next to the best shot......I of course am the best for now.....this kid is good!

Annie is an ok shot.....She actually missed the targets but hit the trees.....

This is Tyler, he can not shoot!

Makayla can not shoot either......the only thing these 2 kids can shoot is air!

Logan hung out in the leaves with his mommas itty bitty short legs....

Logan decided it was time to go for a tractor ride......"come on people how long are you gonna make me wait?"

He is being so patient!

Like I said never far apart!

I felt like it was getting late so I put the tractor back to bed and told the kids we would go have lunch and put someone down for a nap.

"no ma, I can nap right here!"

Until next time....Jenn

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  1. He sure does have short itty bitty legs like his grandma and momma. I can remember the time about email started and I said that people wouldn't have reason to look each other in the eye and speak any more, they will look away when they talk or look down. Never imagined that would be because of a cell phone in their hands. We my brother your uncle and I had bb guns, in the day there was nothing wrong with it. However times have changed and other people might not feel this is good play for children today. They might comment here, just remember that guidance is a child's best interest, as long as they have you hovering over them they will do right by you. I love all your pictures, Annie and Logan are always together, I hope she shares when I get there, lol