Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas with an almost 2 year old

As you go through life you forget about things that just didn't matter to you, you even forget about important things which is why a baby book was invented, so that you could always remember important milestones your baby had accomplished.

A baby book does not have a spot designated to the bad things you don't want to remember so you go on with life and you forget that Annie would draw on the walls big BIG circles and tell herself "NO NO NO" as she did it, Tyler wrote on the wall by the door "Tyler wer here" (yes spelled just like that), Makayla climbed on the table to have tea parties, Savannah threw a green, yes a green Hotwheel through a brand new big screen TV, Emily dumps out anything and everything ie....cereal (entire boxes), shampoo (this is still an makes "cool bubble bath"), Avery dumped Hershey's chocolate syrup all over the carpet, Gavin was a streaker! The one thing they all had in common..........
...redecorating the Christmas tree!
 It began like this just a few days ago and it was beautiful!

As I hung our stockings this am via command hooks with care, I looked over the tree smiling. It was then that I began remembering the things our children did and of course the list goes on and on and on and on!

There are a few stories we have filed in our minds for that special day they bring home their first boyfriend or the time that Tyler bungee corded off the top bunk and yells for his dad for help because he is stuck head on the ground ass in the air underwear barely covering his unmentionables and half the waistband ripped off his underpants and attached the the other end of the bungee cord, yelling and hanging upside down! Yes Tyler, I am still telling this story, I told you this one I WON'T EVER FORGET!

There is a huge age gap between the children and Logan, we are talking HUGE:

  • Makayla 12 
  • Tyler 11 
  • Annie 9 
  • Savannah 9
  • Emily 8
  • Avery 8
  • Gavin 7 (right after Christmas)
  • Logan a big whopping 21 months!
So you go through life the way you have for about 4 years now where you didn't have to put things up high, and make sure little plastic thingys are stuck in the receptacles, bathrooms doors are closed because things magically start floating in the toilet, and you decorate the ENTIRE tree because at 3 or 4 years old they start listening when you say no.

We are literally learning all over again, somewhere in our home is yet another lesson for me to learn, until next time......Jenn

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