Saturday, November 1, 2014


Hubby and I decided this year we were not going trick or treating. We wanted to start a new tradition. We only had half of the kids this Halloween so it made for a good test run (although my girls wanted me to call their dad and invite him over so they could be here too).

I searched the internet to find ideas and anything I could because I wanted this to be special, I wanted it to be fun and I wanted this to go beyond the typical trick or treating kids do. Who needs that bag of candy anyhow? Who needs to rot their teeth out? What parent wants to pay that dental bill? NOT US!

I had dinner ready when they got home from school....

We played Halloween BINGO, Avery won 4 times in a row on different cards!

Then Gavin won

Then Tyler won

Daddy finally won

Savannah finally won

We played pin the nose on the skeleton......Gavin won

We played guess the number of candy corn......Gavin won again, The guesses were:
-Tyler 35
-Savannah 50
-Avery 30
-Gavin 100

There was a total of 150 candy corn in the cup

We decorated haunted houses

We finally went on a haunted hay ride

We put up glowing eyes with toilet paper rolls and glow sticks and nailed them to trees and we blew up LED balloon ghosts which looked super cool without the camera flash!

When we returned the roaches were trying to escape the punch!

Happy Halloween........Jenn


  1. Oh Jennifer, this was an amazing day, the kids look like they are having such a good time, wonderful party ideas and the spiders in the jello or juice was just over the top for me. Oh I wish I was there, the girls and I missed an amazing time. You outdid yourself girl, you know I like candy corn ah?

  2. What a wonderful party. Just be sure to gather up all those bugs before we get there. My bug squashing days are over....Guy