Thursday, November 20, 2014

Special moments

I am tired and my day is no where near over! I had an 8 am meeting and then went to Walmart because we had only 3 diapers left......still wondering how I managed that???? and I have a dinner date with my step son. He has worked really hard these past few weeks and brought his grades up by 10%-20% per subject and I felt like he deserved a treat. I told him he could choose a parent and a restaurant and he could have a special dinner just for him!

He chose me and Chili's, not for any reason other then he gets to drink a drink out of what looks like a beer pitcher......the things that tickle kids fancies!

I have to make this quick as I am sure he does not want me to take him out in my house clothes but I did want to point out as I drove through town they are already decorated for Christmas....

As you can see the light was red so I was not taking pictures AND driving! I love this little town it is old and quaint and just has a whole lot of history!

Well I must get ready the children will be home soon and Tyler is very excited for his outing......As a matter of fact I am too because eating at Chili's means I am right next to a Joann's fabric and craft store and if I am driving all that way I might as well stop to use this weeks coupon!

Until next time....Jenn

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  1. I like to drive in the day time only and that way not see all the Christmas lights others are so much in a hurry to put up. I wish I could be as excited about Christmas as I was years ago, maybe sometime again. Lovely that the grades came up and that you got to go to dinner. I told grandpa I wasn't feeling well and he would have to drive through the crossing, he is all worked up.