Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Tonka Truck for my son

Tonka trucks were big when I was little, everyone had at least one, My brother had some too and I remember playing in the backyard under the lilac tree with him and his trucks.

I have been searching for "affordable", original Tonka trucks, not the ones they make now that are mostly plastic. I wanted the metal Tonka trucks my brother and I played with for my son.

I gave up trying to find them and just moved on as I had found many "rust buckets" and well overpriced trucks. I decided if it was meant to be I would stumble across them when I least expected it.

My mother in law keeps everything, and everything is neatly wrapped in paper or placed in zip lock bags and labeled. Who it belonged to where it came from etc... She gave us a bunch of totes and my husbands childhood toy box that was built for him. We found all kinds of childhood memories even his sports glasses for baseball! He was all smiles as we sifted through his memories.

We got to his big toy box and inside was all of his Tonka Trucks, planes and GI Joes. All his favorite toys were cleaned of sand and dirt from the yard and neatly wrapped in paper and tied with string. He was amazed that one of his airplanes still had all of the bombs in the many compartments underneath, he said "I don't know how mom ever found all of these and kept up with them." It was like Christmas all over again and watching him as he unwrapped another memory brought such joy to me.

We brought his trucks upstairs and Brian played with each one amazed that he remembered how each worked. He was so proud.

We also stumbled across this beautiful fire truck that we could not stand to leave in the basement wrapped in paper

Now the toys sit upon shelves in Logan's room as I have found something greater then a Tonka truck for my son, we found his daddy's childhood memories wrapped in paper and twine to pass down to the next generation. I will neatly wrap and tie each truck and save them for Logan when he is too big so he can one day have them for his son, as Brian's mom had done for him. 

Until next time....Jenn

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