Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wood wood wood

We are finally ready for winter. It has been a long week and I know my poor husband is tired.
We filled up the last bit of our wood shed yesterday this was a photo from Sunday. I did not have my phone to take a "full to capacity" photo yesterday and it is much too cold this morning to drag my little guy out there. I can now get back to my quilting and of course dishes (my never ending story around here)!

Speaking of never ending broken pile is adding up too, I still have the washing machine to figure out and fix and hubby broke the chainsaw yesterday and I have to file down some teeth on a blade that came off the bar on Sunday. I am beginning to feel like the kind older gentleman who sharpens our saw blades that has been in business for ever in a small shop repairing everything from sharpening blades to riding mowers. 

I go in his little shop and there are small "paths" that he has to wind and wiggle through to find the item you dropped off, if he struggles to find it you will hear him holler for details every once in a while. He is apparently the best of the best because he does not lack any work everyone drops off their items to line up in his minimum of 2 week wait period for repairs. They get added to the piles of clutter and tagged appropriately with names and dates. Unless you knew there was a workbench in the middle of the shop you would never be able to see it. He reminds me so much of my papa, always tinkering and fixing and is happy with clutter! 

My house chores have been neglected due to the wood so I need to get busy......Jenn

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