Sunday, November 16, 2014

How MJ squared came about

My parents had a dog named MJ and they brought her here 2 years ago when they came to visit. It was the first time my husband had the chance to meet her and they became best buds! MJ was a very sweet and loyal dog everything anyone could have wanted in a dog, she was a good companion and a best friend. Earlier this year she passed away. It tore my husband up as much as it tore up my parents. I remember getting the news sitting on my back porch and trying so hard not to cry on the phone and be strong for my mom and my husband sitting next to me with tears rolling down his face. It was a sad night for all of us.

MJ senior with the girls

We rescued a dog from the Orange County Animal shelter about a year ago. She was perfect. We struggled with her name because she was MJ through and through, there are differences but so many more similarities. Her name changed 15 times in 3 days and my mom finally just said why don't you call her MJ, it was almost as if this is what my husband was waiting for and it stuck, meet MJ squared....

The name came prior to MJ senior passing, and I worry about my parents. This is the year they lost their precious MJ and they are on their way here scheduled to arrive in December after their long journey across Canada and the United States and what are we going to do about this MJ situation? I remember being on Skype with my mom after MJ passing and I have MJ squared out in the yard to potty and she takes off after a squirrel (MJ seniors favorite chase too) and I don't want to call out her name because my mom is right there on Skype. So I am yelling and hollering "here girl, come here girl" and whistling and clapping my hands to get her attention.

We can't change her name we have been calling her this for a year now and MJ squared is growing more and more like MJ senior. My parents visit here will be full of tears for their beloved MJ, with MJ reminding them of MJ around every corner and I feel so horrible about it.

I type this as MJ squared comes up to me and nudges her nose up under my arm just like MJ senior used to do to get someone's attention.....I have a pooch to love on, until next time......Jenn


  1. The kleenex please, it will be ok. I hope, thanks for the warning. Love mom

  2. Squared or not, it will be nice to visit. Yesterday we saw a shepherd border collie mix on the beach. Different colours but similar personality....less than a month to go before our next visit....Guy