Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Minion

Boys can be so weird and I think I can say that will never change as they grow up. Do you remember the movie Despicable Me? There were these little guys on the movie they are Yellow, with the denim overalls they are called Minions......

Cute aren't they?

Yesterday I had a Minion of my own, hubby was looking for something and came across a light that is on a headband and fits on your head, He wore it all day!

Every time one of the kids said something to him he turned the light on and got down to their level.

Last night on the couch Logan finally discovered this weird thing on dads head and began to investigate it and of course wanted it on his own now I have a Minion and a Mini Minion.

The novelty quickly wore off and Logan was ready to give it back so dad puts it back on his own head!

He of course had to readjust the straps.

Logan quickly learned how to turn the light on and off. I love how these things will entertain a boy for hours! Hubby finally took the light off his head at bedtime last night saying he will wear it to work today!

Until next time....Jenn

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