Saturday, November 8, 2014

Photographing multiple kids

This time last year I begin taking photos for our family Christmas card, early I know but it will take some time to get it right with eight. I remember having 1 child and trying to take a decent picture you know one that you can have developed and framed, one you can put on a holiday card or announcement and send to family and friends, one that I can send home to my family.

What I am really looking for is a miracle....

I have gone down this road many times in the past....

Where is Makayla?

Tyler looks mad and Gavin is not looking.....

Gavin is looking in the other direction.....

 not sure what Emily is doing

We got daddy's arm in this one

Kids are ready for this to be over

Bar over Annie's face, and Gavin not smiling

It is so difficult to get a good picture where all The kids are looking at the camera, where they are all smiling a nice smile where one head is not blocking someone else's head. This is a difficult task. One I am not looking forward to again this year. Last year I could not get a decent photo so I did not make the photo greeting cards I have done in the past. This year I am determined to get this photo and have a Christmas card with all 8 kids......hopefully all cooperating!

wish me luck......Jenn


  1. Jennifer, go to the dollar store and get them all those silly reindeer hats, put them on and take the photo.... bet it will work

  2. Well the odds are really against you. A quick check of the factorials says you have 1 chance in 256 to flip a coin heads 8 times in a row. Pretty much the same to have 8 kids all smiling nicely at the same time. With this crowd, you need a godd photo editing package.