Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Flakes

Last week our children went to school Monday morning. It was not long and the news began listing school districts that were letting out early. The kids did not return to school last week, yesterday was their first day back, parents and kids were both just has happy.

This morning I packed up the kids and waited until the last moment to wake Logan up because slowly school districts were delaying the start of school or closing schools all together. Our school did not make the list and after several failed attempts at calling the school I woke Logan up and we began our journey to town.

About half way there I called the school again and found out that we were delayed 2 hours. We went on our way and got the oil changed instead, while getting the oil changed we got the news that school would not open today.

We headed to Walmart for soccer equipment and when we left the store the snowflakes were big and beautiful I wish I had my good camera to capture these flakes.

Makayla says "look mommy they look like real snowflakes like on TV!" Maybe because they are real snowflakes Makayla.....

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