Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Our first snow day

It was scary as the snow quickly fell and my husband is an hour away at work. Our cars are very small, the excessive weight they are, they travel well in snow. Unfortunately it is not us we have to worry about!

I made my way to the gas station not far from our home to purchase some gas, bar oil and 2 stroke engine oil. We have a lot of trees on our lot and a very long driveway. To be prepared we need to be ready to cut ourselves out if need be. The forecast was for inches of ice accumulation (different stations had different amounts up to 3 inches) and 3-5 inches of snow which is not a lot to a Canadian but its a lot to North Carolina!

Hubby managed to leave work early and make it home safe and sound.

I woke up this morning delighted to see our bedrooms ceiling fan still turning, that meant we had power, I pull back our blackout curtains and I could see grass poking through the snow. We hardly got anything! The snow fell and then came some sleet and ice which put a crust on top of powder and neither is any good for snowman making, I was so disappointed, I made some coffee and pulled out Fifty Shades Freed. The house was quiet soft snoring came from the children's bedrooms this meant a little bit of mommy time for reading. School had been cancelled since last night and I was going to take advantage of the few peaceful moments I was going to get today.

Breakfast was over and the kids begged to be outside as disappointing as it was this might be the only time to get snow pictures this year and winter is about to be over. We bundled up and headed out into our disappointment...

 Annie's flat snowman!

  I am thinking it was more disappointing for me, they look like they were having fun!

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  1. Half a dozen of one and six of another.... what is it always too cold too rainy, too much snow, too little snow are we ever really happy about the weather? Yup you are right you are the one dissappointed kids are having a blast, lol