Sunday, December 21, 2014


My parents FINALLY arrived safely from their 3 months excursion all over Canada and the USA in their camper. They arrived and I got sick and kids got sick and I am so behind on my blogs now and everything in life including Christmas.

I wanted to put in a quick blog though as I still have holiday things to catch up on and my children love so much to read about themselves in my blog so I just had to make a post in all the chaos that surrounds me now.

As I lay on the couch sick as I have never been in years, I am watching our son play with our sweet family pet MJ. I quickly realize this poor dog puts up with so much from Logan! She is his buddy, his playground, his horse, his taste tester, his punching bag and his learning tool.

What I mean by all of that is they are partners in crime but he WEARS the pants! They go everywhere together, he climbs all over her, he sits on her back, he gives her his food before he eats it, he at 22 months thinks hitting is fun and walks up to her and just waps her, and he pokes her in the eye as he says "eyes" then he pokes her in the nose as he says "nose" and so on.

Our pound puppy is the sweetest dog ever and I am so happy we were fortunate enough to be able to rescue her, we couldn't ask for a better companion.

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