Monday, May 4, 2015


It seems as though I just can not get any time to sit and just write anymore. I find myself asking what happened? where did all of my time go? After today, I think I spend it with socks. Picking them up, playing hide and seek with them, washing them, drying them, and trying to find their mate!

This morning began with a lovely breakfast in bed thanks to my wonderful husband. We got moving and as I began my day it quickly was consumed with socks. As I walk to the kitchen to take my dishes I see the hallway, in the chair, under the end table, over there in the corner, on the fireplace.....let me put it this way, the only place free of socks was the ceiling fan! I put my dishes in the sink and as I pick up socks I am noticing socks on the shelf under the end table and in the couch cushions and under the recliner and I am thinking back to a fiend's post on Facebook and knowing that I am not the only one I decide why blog.....SOCKS!

This is Tiffany's mismatched sock pile she has 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.......

This is our mismatched sock bucket......our bucket was made up from 4 boys and 4 girls......

I appreciate the fact that "its trendy" to wear mismatched socks these days and that would probably save some people a lot of money but it creates chaos in a person with OCD.

When my mom comes to visit she wants so much to "help out" how ever she can. I came home from work one day and there was my empty sock bucket in the laundry room. Mom was so proud she managed to match every single sock. I had no idea how she did it until I pulled a pair of socks from my dresser the next day, I should have known better......

Although these socks are black one of them is mine and the other my daughters which means my circulation was being cut off.

Mom is no longer allowed near my sock bucket, I hide it every year and faithfully, she asks for it every year, I very politely tell her they have all been matched. So she moves onto ironing all of our underwear in perfect squares because they fit better in the drawers that way.

I spend much of my day starting one task and as I am working on that task I switch gears and begin another task, the end of the day I am exhausted and looking around I'm wondering what I did all day. Now I know, I am picking up socks as the sock bunny hides them. One day I will find all the matches and until then my family has taught me that it's not the fault of the dryer that all of our socks are mismatched, not the dryers fault at all, its the kids fault!

Until next time.......Jenn

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  1. I stopped ironing, underwear that is so you had better find something else for me to do when I visit. You know I'm the only one who wears matched socks, I see everyone even wearing those ticht pants and knee high socks or boot socks and they don't match. You need to get a sock tree, like a coat tree only it has clothes pins attached to it. Put it into the laundry room and pin the unmatched sock to it until the other shows up. After a month toss them out, they look cute all 8 sizes hanging on a sock tree. I think I envented something to do when I come down next time, will you let me know where the sock bags are?