Friday, March 13, 2015


It has been a busy couple of weeks for us, who am I kidding? We stay busy but the last couple of weeks have been very busy with deadlines, yearly appointments, things at school etc... etc... etc.....I was awakened this morning by 2 simultaneous text messages from my mom at 7:23 am my time, my mom lives in PEI, Canada one hour ahead of us. She was letting me know she cant believe she slept that long, I was wishing I was still sleeping! Meanwhile I am trying to remember how I got in bed last night I was so tired from the days events. Wednesday and Thursday just sort of ran together, Brian had a tooth ache I picked up his kids from school he asked I join him at the dentist with the kids so I did, he went home with one child and I took the other three to Savannah's dance class and the running did not cease for me until bedtime. Thursday Brian took the kids to school came home and went back to bed, my alarm went off to take Logan to Grandma's house so I can head to town and see Emily's project celebration....
I left the project celebration to head and get Brian's kids from school and take them to the dentist for 11:30. All 4 got their teeth cleaned. 2 kids needed extractions and fillings and the dentist conveniently had available time slots that afternoon at 2pm......we left dentist office at 5pm. Stopped to pick up pizza and medication then came home, Brian got home from work and I went out to pick up Logan from Grandma's at some point I got in the bed and went to sleep.

Today is Friday the 13th. My grandmother was a very superstitious lady. Today I set my superstitions aside and welcome the fact that I do not need to go anywhere or do anything until 2 pm when I have to head to town for carline at school and come home to cook tacos for what will be 8 starving kids. A day for me with little to do, its almost like a holiday!

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