Thursday, May 21, 2015

School Field Trips

I like to volunteer at school, it is a great opportunity for parents to be involved in their kids education. It also makes your children feel special for you to be on their turf, so to speak. This time volunteers were needed for a trip to the Museum. I was excited, as it has been a while since we have been to the museum.

We visited the Magic Wings Butterfly House, where I tried to show 2 of our very excited boys how to catch a butterfly on your finger. It was not working out great, Avery and Gavin chased those butterflies all over the place running with their hands flying in the air........this was not going to work......

I gently walked up to one perched on a leaf and offered a finger to coach him along....
I passed it to Gavin

Gavin passed it to Avery
Gavin found the species on the map
We held a tarantula 
Okay, not WE HELD........THEY HELD a tarantula...
we rode a train

We played on the playground
We dug for dinosaur bones and visited some dinosaurs
Then we sat in Papa Bears chair
and we sat in Baby Bears chair

We visited Snakes, gators and fish

and finally we built a tunnel out of plumbing pipes

and then it was time to go.....Jenn

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