Monday, October 3, 2016

Loosing a loved one

I've always felt that blogging helps relieve stress and anxiety and just overall makes you feel better. Plus it gives you some closure, so after my daughter returned home and described her weekend I've decided to blog about it so she will have this special tribute to Rosie.

Internet was not the best last night and when I finally arrived at my blog I realized how negligent I have been to my readers and for that I am sorry. So much has happened this past year and it went by so fast!

Back to my heartbroken 14 year old.......she is a bright and talented teenager with a passion for animals, all animals, especially horses, after all what little girls doesn't beg for a horse to call her own? She wants to grow up to be a veterinarian. Grandma is very proud of her, we all are and Grandma wants her to go to school at the best veterinary school in PEI, Canada and live with her so that grandma can catch up on all the years missed because we live in the U.S. The once a year trips are not enough.......they arn't enough for any of us, but it would be good for Makayla to have this opportunity.

A good friend of mine has a rescue, she has rescued animals near and far, she works solely to support her animals. Makayla spends every moment she possibly can volunteering at the rescue. It brings her peace of mind spending time with these once unloved broken animals.

This weekend Makayla was picked up and they went to the store and returned back to the rescue where she found one of her beloved horses laying on the ground rolling. Everyone stepped in to get a distressed Rosie up on her feet and to walk her around. Rosie was suffering from colic, a very common gastro-intestional issue causing sever adbominal pain in horses. As she spent time trying to keep Rosie off the ground the owner called the vet.

Unfortunatly, there was nothing the vet could do and recomended euthinization. Makayla sat with her friend rubbing her maine and face until it was time. She excused herself to the house as she could not stand to watch what was to come. As she stood up she took one last look at Rosie as Rosie looked back at her and a tear formed and rolled down Rosie's face. Makayla described this as the most heart wrenching moment she had ever experienced.

They had a funeral for Rosie and Makayla, trying to stay strong for my friend came home the next day walked through the door and fell to pieces in my arms. We stayed up late last night talking about Rosie, the hurt and pain of going through the loss of a loved one and exchanging photos.


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