Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Birthdays begin

We have very few months during a year where this household has a break from a birthday. This week kick started our long stretch of birthdays......

In the middle is Tyler, this was his 5th grade graduation celebration with two of his buddies.
Tyler officially kick starts our stretch of birthdays beginning yesterday July 1st he was a whopping 12 years old. Time sure does fly by fast. 

Makayla's birthday is today, July 2nd, she is the big 13. The teenage years are officially upon us, and we now suddenly feel much older.......we have a teenager!

My birthday is August 3rd......I will be 29......again ;0)

Brian's birthday is August 8th

Emily's birthday is September 7th, she will be 9.

Avery's birthday is October 9th, he will be 9

Savannah's birthday is November 4th, she will be 10.

December brings Gavin's birthday right after Christmas on the 27th.

January we can take a short breath.....but it is brief!

February brings Logan who will be 3 on the 11th.

February also brings Annie who will be 11 on the 28th.

Birthdays are so much fun for me. I love to "entertain" my favorite part is cooking and baking. The kids always enjoy the cakes as they are the biggest birthday surprise. They anxiously await my newest creation every are just a few....

We will begin birthday parties on July 17th......I'm very excited for this years cakes! Until next time....Jenn

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